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The School of The Dialogue of Cultures. The Fifth Big Seminar.

06/01/2009 - 10:00
06/04/2009 - 18:00

Dear Colleagues!

1. The Fifth Big Seminar devoted to the theory and practice of The School of The Dialogue of Cultures (SDC) bulding will be conducted in Kiev, Ukraine on June 1--4, 2009. The below details are written in Russian.

Times and again

Times and again I repeat to myself the plain as day idea that if it is not for copyright all books on the market would be for all publishers! As simple as that. Why on the Earth would any mind resist this idea?

About Us and this Site

    Centre "Dialogue of Cultures XXI" is a NGO that aims at the following major goals:

  • Providing for dialogical environment in education

  • Development of the Project "The School of The Dialogue of Cultures" (SDC)

  • Construction of the The School of The Dialogue of Cultures

  • Promotion of the ideas of SDC in society

  • Support for research in the framework of the concept of Dialogue of Cultures as it was developed by Vladimir Bibler

  • Support other projects to promote dialogue between social groups in different areas, such as religion, ethnicity, politics

News of the Centre

There are some important events coming:

  1. We have finished registration of the Centre with Ukrainian authorities. We are to open a bank account, and get our stamp.

  2. Our collective work "School. Dialogue. Culture" is in final stages of editing on its way to publishing. The book is based on shorthand accounts of two full days of discussions, which were conducted in 1989 between group of dialogists from Kiev and Vladimir Bibler with his colleagues in Moscow. The book also includes works of third grade students, which were the starting point of the discussions.

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