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L.S.Vygotsky, in his book "Thinking and speech" (1934), conducted the analysis of "inner speech", which proved to be deeply productive for the whole further development of psychology, for understanding of the very subject of psychology: this analysis seemlessly fits into the mainstream of the humanitarian thought of the 20th century. But regarding its actual method and contents (as they are presented in Vygotsky's book), this analysis of inner speech was not elaborated to the conscious logic and often showed discrepancies with its own premises and conceptions.

To put it briefly, the essence of the discrepancies is that the subject of analysis features principal novelty as "speech addressed to itself", "inner dialogue", or dialogic nature of thinking as a "unit" of the dialectic pair of "thinking - speech", while the method of this analysis is not dialogic, but is purely deductive, permanently straightening its closed-on-itself subject...