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About Us and this Site

    Centre "Dialogue of Cultures XXI" is a NGO that aims at the following major goals:

  • Providing for dialogical environment in education

  • Development of the Project "The School of The Dialogue of Cultures" (SDC)

  • Construction of the The School of The Dialogue of Cultures

  • Promotion of the ideas of SDC in society

  • Support for research in the framework of the concept of Dialogue of Cultures as it was developed by Vladimir Bibler

  • Support other projects to promote dialogue between social groups in different areas, such as religion, ethnicity, politics

      Our work and specifically the site is sponsored by a consulting Total Knowledge

      The Site is functioning, although it is under construction.

      Here we aim to collect as much as possible of written by Vladimir Bibler and his colleagues, disciples, interlocutors. We also want to collect works of philosophers, scientists, artists which are not easily accessible, but are of great interest and influence in respect of our goals. We endeavor to create environment for discussion and collaborative work.

      The Site will be localized in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. We do not restrict ourselves from other languages, but have no resources for those yet. As of today we cannot provide full scale translations of all posted materials to three mentioned languages too, but we will try to provide at least resumes. This work just started.

      If you have a text, which could be of our interest and which you are ready to share (it can be your own work), please email it at:


      and we will post it here.

      Thank you for visiting Dialogue of Cultures Site. We hope you will come again to enjoy discussion and collaboration around ideas, works and projects.