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Understanding of the Inner Speech by L.S. Vygotsky and the Logic of Dialogue (Once Again about the Subject of Psychology)

Author: Bibler V.S.

Here (and in further chapters) is presented translation of few excerpts from this extremely interesting and important article. We believe it a must to get this work to international professional community. The excerpts were translated by Elena Komissarova (Kiev).

We are looking for means to translate it all. Any help is appreciated and gratefully accepted. Thank you in advance!

The Center Editorial Board

In this paper, I am going to think over L.S.Vygotsky's understanding of inner speech, drawing my thinking in two directions.

Firstly, to comprehend, in the light of a certain philosophical logic, i.e. the logic of dialogue, the research conducted by Vygotsky, and on this basis, to elucidate the new opportunities in the psychology of inner speech, as well as in the determining of the subject of psychology itself.

Secondly, to elicit, in the light of so understood inner speech, some new possibilities and predeterminations of the philosophical logic of dialogue itself...