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The Biographical Emergency Service

Angelo Mussoni – Valeria Gherardini

Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale, University of Padova


Considering the biography as a dialogical process constructed by personal reports and narrations from the others, a biographical event could be narrated in a way hence such discursive processes become “similar”. Such configuration of discursive reality can be considered as a “typical” biographical career. Then is possible identify the need of flexible Services which can give a rapid intervention in order to “act in advance” toward those processes.


The contribution shows a case-study concerning a man who killed the wife, that was terminally ill; this criminal act is considered a narrative “watershed” regarding the person’s biography. The intervention main strategy is to act at two different levels, addressing both the person who has committed the murder and the whole social context around him (familiars, legal advisor, friends, services of territory, mass media). The aim: to keep an “open horizon” of the future possibilities of the biography.


Such kind of intervention could be applied to any kind of situation which can potentially become generative of a “typical” biographical career. Thus leads to the engineering of “emergency services” which represents a revisitation of the community-care conception, addressing it not generically toward people but the continuous collective construction of biographies

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