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The generating process of a different user’s dialogical identity instead of the mentally ill’s one

Symposium: The “chain” of psychiatric emergency according to the Dialogical Model

Enrica Vitali – Andrea Perno – Gian Piero Turchi

altreStrade, Social Enterprise


The present contribution is focused on the description of an intervention’s project into the psychiatric emergency field rooted in the dialogical model: Oikos project.


Into the dialogical model, the identity is a discursive dialogical process, built on by the different narrating voices that contribute to generate it; into the psychiatric emergency field, these voices contribute to generate a dialogical identity of “mental ill”: all user’s context (family, friends, acquaintances, the territorial services), contributes to generate a dialogical identity of mental ill configuring a mental ill reality and a psychiatric intervention need in order to deport the user from his life context.

By virtue of this backdrop, the aim of project Oikos, coherently with the theoretical assumption, is to manage and change the discursive practices in order to generate a new reality in which the psychiatric intervention doesn’t need any more. The methodology used promotes the generation of different discursive practices by virtue of rhetorical artifices.


This paper will also illustrate some example about the interactive situations between users and Oikos operators in order to show some dialogical model strategies and implications of this project on the talking community within a health promotion perspective.

To read free the whole paper ask it to labsalute.psicologia@unipd.it